As a CAD technician, you could help design spacious offices that increase productivity, efficient new pipelines, or iconic new skyscrapers that will define the skylines of tomorrow. You could work with a small team at a start-up firm, or in a large corporate office at an established company. Or you could even be your own boss and work as a freelance designer – the choice is all yours!

For many prospective students, those future career goals might seem like a long way away. They might feel ready for a rewarding new career, but feel unsure of how to get from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow. Fortunately, with the help and support of the right college, your career goals can quickly become a reality.

Top CAD colleges offer the right balance between challenging courses that teach you cutting-edge new skills and a nurturing environment where you feel supported every step of the way. With that effective balance and the help of dedicated and experienced instructors, you could be starting your new career much faster than you think.

How can you find out if your future CAD college offers the support you need to succeed? Here are 5 things to look for:

Years of Experience Providing High-Quality 3D CAD Training

High-quality colleges have years of experience preparing grads for their CAD careers. They have a proven track record in adapting to new market trends, and regularly update class curriculums so that their students graduate with highly sought-after skills. Digital School, for example, has 25 years of experience teaching CAD students! Several hundred students have received CAD training and launched rewarding careers in the professional field of drafting.

Students can work on class projects from the convenience of their tablet or home computer

Students can work on class projects from the convenience of their tablet or home computer

3D CAD Training Courses Offered Through a Blended Learning Experience

It’s important to attend a CAD college that embraces change and employs the latest learning techniques.

Top colleges like Digital School, for example, offer their programs through a blended learning experience that combines both online deliveries with class time. This means that busy students can access their lessons as well as the programs they need while on-the-go. They can even check course material directly from their home computer or tablet, making it easier to fit study and class time into a busy schedule.

On top of that, a blended learning experience goes one step further to help students learn new material. Rather than learn new material from a book or through lecture time alone, a blended experience allows students to try out new skills right away so that they graduate with practical hands-on experience.

By adopting the best new innovative teaching methods, top colleges stay ahead of the curve and produce job-ready grads.

A Caring and Supportive Environment for CAD Students

Of course, a supportive environment can make all the difference in a student’s education.

Before enrolling in 3D CAD training courses, check your school’s website or speak with an advisor about the support services offered for students. The right college will offer career placement support as well as counseling services to help you throughout your entire education.

Some top colleges will even go one step further to help make their students feel welcome. 3D CAD training programs at Digital School, for example, include the course Thought Patterns for a Successful Career™, which teaches students the positive thinking skills they need to succeed. During this innovative class, students build their confidence and self-discipline so that they excel at school AND during their future career.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Digital School even hosts monthly student appreciation days!

At every step along your journey, the right college is there to make sure you feel nurtured and supported.

Digital School admissions advisors can help you map out your career goals or provide support during challenging times.

Digital School admissions advisors can help you map out your career goals or provide support during challenging times.

Focused Programs That Get Students Job-Ready Fast

For many students, getting job-ready skills quickly is an important concern. Although they want a high-quality education, they can’t afford to enroll in a lengthy course that will take years to complete.

That’s why another top consideration for CAD students is finding a focused program that offers all the skills students need, but will also take a year or less to complete.

At Digital School, our expert instructors and tailored curriculum are designed to get you job-ready fast. In fact, our programs only take between 6-12 months to complete!

Do you want to start the journey to a rewarding CAD career?

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