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Digital School Technical Design College is an innovative private vocational post-secondary college created with the goal of providing an educational environment unlike any other; to pioneer a more effective way of learning. At Digital School, we know that it is not the technology that drives results, but the student’s desire and vision. Our instructor’s are working Autodesk certified professionals who bring their passion and experience to the classroom. They know the importance of understanding how the real world operates, to ensure our curriculum at Digital School is always moving in tandem with the industry – wherever it might be headed.

Digital School knows

technical design training.

Digital School knows technical design training. Formerly the Alberta School of Drafting, Digital School is building upon 25 years of design training experience. We’ve provided CAD and BIM training to several hundreds of students in full-time diploma programs and part-time industry training.

Building Information Modeling or BIM, has become the standard in the professional field of technical design. Designer creates technical drawings and plans that are used to build a number of things, ranging from toys and household appliances to skyscrapers, pipelines and much more. Many technical designers have an area in which they specialize, which can include electrical, mechanical, civil, and architectural drafting, to name a few.

Coming from the Philippines and newly settled in Edmonton, Digital School became one of the institutions that I have become to be fond of. All of the instructors and staff and even the students are very accommodating, friendly and approachable

Denise G.

I had a great time at Digital School. The staff and students where very helpful and supportive throughout the program. It was scary before I started the program, being out of school for 16 years, but the staff was wonderful and helpful to me.

Darron P.

I am a graduate student in the Architectural CAD Technician Program, and I am glad that I went to this school by choice. The teachers are phenomenal for all they want for you is to see you succeed and do their best.

Porscha D.

My time at Digital School is well worth the money. I am learning a lot. The courses are designed in a practical way. The instructors are very knowledgeable. The atmosphere is great and the view is pretty good too!!

Todd H.

You want to secure your relevance in this new and ever changing world of technology? Digital school is the right place to be.

Ojo G.

Student Orientation

The Student Orientation is a great opportunity to learn about your new school from academic, administrative and social perspectives. You’ll make new friends as you integrate into the campus life and familiarize yourself with college procedures. We have great presentations, tours and activities lined up for you to learn about the Digital School experience!

Connecting Graduates with Employers

We help current students and recent graduates find employment through recruitment and networking events, job boards, and our network of local employers. Student Support Services offers assistance with Job Search and Resume Writing. With every diploma and certificate programs, Thought Patterns for a Successful Career is included, which prepares students for their career search and goal setting.

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Are you running out of money, food or time? Trying to come to terms with a relationship or dealing with a difficult situation? Are you feeling overwhelmed? If you need some help or just someone who will listen while you talk things through, you’ve come to the right place. We listen. Whether your concerns are academic, career-related or personal, our experienced professional team of caring Counselors understands what students are dealing with and how to help.

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