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Digital School is Edmonton’s leading post secondary institution, offering a unique education experience in technical design.

Architectural Design Technology Diploma

Create the cities of tomorrow – the houses we live in, the offices we work in, the theaters we attend, and the bridges we cross. Architectural Design Technology graduates work with architects and engineers to design and model the built environment. Combine your creativity with technical accuracy in this expanding field as you work to create functional, safe, economical and environmentally sustainable structures.

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Engineering Design Technology Diploma

Design the products, machines, factories, buildings, highways and transit systems that humans rely on. Engineering Design Technology graduates work directly with engineers and technologists to produce and analyze digital designs and to simulate and test machines, structures and systems. Enter a creative career in engineering design and enjoy a future as an innovator, problem solver and visionary.

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Engineering Design Technology Diploma with Process Piping Specialty

Engineering Design Technology Diploma students have the option of adding the Process Piping Certificate to their studies to gain specific preparation for careers in the oil and gas industry. Engineering Design Technology graduates work directly with engineers and technologists on process design teams to produce and analyze digital designs and to simulate and test process plant equipment, pressure vessels and pipelines. Combine your creativity with technical accuracy in this in-demand field as you work to support the petrochemical and/or petroleum engineering disciplines.

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BIM Technician Certificate

Building information models (BIMs) are digital representations of the buildings, machinery, roads and bridges of tomorrow. BIM Technicians work directly with designers, project managers and engineers to translate a concept into technical drawings and BIMs that construction workers can build into a reality. Your career in design will support the entire building lifecycle including the concept/design, construction and operations/maintenance phases. The BIM Technician certificate program is available as a six-month, full-time program either in-class or online or as a twelve-month, part-time program online.

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The Power To Be Remarkable

Digital School Technical Design College is committed to empowering and inspiring creative exploration and learning inside and outside of the classroom through fun and challenging programs. Students will learn critical skills, earning industry-recognized credentials. Our diploma and certificate programs uses the latest technology, to create a rich learning environment that help students develop  industry-specific skills.

Digital School has established itself as a leader in computer-aided design (CAD), Building Information Modeling (BIM) and drafting education. Our instructors share theoretical concepts and help students develop technical skills through interactive and experiential learning methodology. 

Whatever program you choose, Digital School gives you the skills you need for the real world. Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify.

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