Studying abroad in Canada is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and one that we encourage.

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When you choose to study abroad, you’re choosing to take your education to a whole new level.  You’ll gain invaluable life experiences that will benefit you both personally and professionally.  Digital School Technical Design College is an innovative private vocational post-secondary institution nestled in Alberta’s capital city of Edmonton, with the goal of providing an educational environment unlike no other; to pioneer a more effective way of learning and a better way to prepare students for careers in architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing.

We believe, that while technology offers new tools to create your visions, it is our ultimate goal to allow you to interact transparently with the software. At Digital School, we know that it is not the technology that drives results, but the student’s desire and vision. Digital School’s instructor’s are working professionals who bring their passion and experience to the classroom. They know the importance of understanding how the real world operates, to ensure our curriculum at Digital School is always moving in tandem with the industry – wherever it might be headed.

Digital School knows technical design training. Formerly the Alberta School of Drafting, Digital School is building upon 25+ years of design training experience. We’ve provided Autodesk and BIM training to several hundreds of students in full-time diploma programs and part-time online certificate programs.

Confirm Entrance Requirements

Enrollment into a Digital School program requires successful completion of high school. You may be asked to provide a copy of your high school diploma and/or transcript.

If English is not your first language, you may be required to undertake an English language entry examination before entering a diploma program. If a student requires assistance with English before and/or during their studies, Digital School can assist you with finding ESL training to meet your needs.

English language proficiency equivalent to IELTS academic test score of 6.0 or higher is required.

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Confirm Study Arrangements

The following is an outline of the steps you can take during the application process to confirm your study arrangements.

  • Contact Digital School and an admissions representative will guide you through the application process.
  • Discuss requirements for a tuition deposit.
  • Once you have been accepted and your tuition deposit has been received, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance from the Admissions Representative.
  • Take the Letter of Acceptance to Citizenship and Immigration Canada to apply for your Student Visa and Study Permit.
  • Arrange for your accommodation while studying in Canada.
  • Arrange to obtain health insurance while studying in Canada.
  • Complete the appropriate placement test.
  • Arrange for ESL training, if needed.

For more information, click this link to visit the CIC website, and contact an Admissions Representative at the campus of your choice for more information and assistance with confirming your study arrangements.

Architectural Design Technology Diploma

Create the cities of tomorrow – the houses we live in, the offices we work in, the theaters we attend, and the bridges we cross. Architectural Design Technology graduates work with architects and engineers to design and model the built environment. Combine your creativity with technical accuracy in this expanding field as you work to create functional, safe, economical and environmentally sustainable structures.

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Engineering Design Technology Diploma

Design the products, machines, factories, buildings, highways and transit systems that humans rely on. Engineering Design Technology graduates work directly with engineers and technologists to produce and analyze digital designs and to simulate and test machines, structures and systems. Enter a creative career in engineering design and enjoy a future as an innovator, problem solver and visionary.

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Engineering Design Technology Diploma with Process Piping Specialty

Engineering Design Technology Diploma students have the option of adding the Process Piping Certificate to their studies to gain specific preparation for careers in the oil and gas industry. Engineering Design Technology graduates work directly with engineers and technologists on process design teams to produce and analyze digital designs and to simulate and test process plant equipment, pressure vessels and pipelines. Combine your creativity with technical accuracy in this in-demand field as you work to support the petrochemical and/or petroleum engineering disciplines.

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BIM Technician Certificate

Building information models (BIMs) are digital representations of the buildings, machinery, roads and bridges of tomorrow. BIM Technicians work directly with designers, project managers and engineers to translate a concept into technical drawings and BIMs that construction workers can build into a reality. Your career in design will support the entire building lifecycle including the concept/design, construction and operations/maintenance phases. The BIM Technician certificate program is available as a six-month, full-time program either in-class or online or as a twelve-month, part-time program online.

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International Students Tuition

Program Weeks International Tuition Lab Fees Books Total International Cost
BIM Technician * 25 $12,360 $550 $200 $13,110
Architectural Design Technology 51 $22,100 $1,100 $400 $23,600
Engineering Design Technology 51 $22,100 $1,100 $400 $23,600

Academic Policies can be found in our student handbook.

NOTE: International tuition are higher than tuition for Canadian residents. All programs are eligible to receive international students on study permit. Those with asterisk (*) are not required.

Next Start Date: November 12, 2019

Refund Policy

I understand that the Institution may charge me a registration fee of up to $500, which it must credit toward my unpaid tuition fees (Section 14 of the Private Vocational Training Regulation). The Institution may retain this fee if I do not attend the Program unless:

  • I terminate this contract within four business days of signing it (Section 15 of the Private Vocational Training Regulation.
  • The Institution terminates this contract before the Program begins (Section 16(2) (a) of the Private Vocational Training Regulation).
  • The Program does not begin by the start date in Part C of this contract and I choose to terminate this contract as a result (Section 16(2)(b) of the Private Vocational Training Regulation).

I understand that the school cannot require or accept payment of the registration fee until I have signed this student contract and cannot accept payment of any other tuition or any incidental fees before my Program begins (Section 14(2) of the Private Vocational Training Regulation).

I understand that if this contract is terminated after the Program begins, the Institution is entitled to the payment of tuition fees as outlined in Section 17 of the Private Vocational Training Regulation, which is as follows:

  • 25% of the total tuition fees as identified in Part C: Program Cost of this contract if 10% or less of the Program is provided
  • 60% of the total tuition fees as identified in Part C: Program Cost of this contract if more than 10% but less than 50% of the Program is provided
  • 100% if more than 50% of the Program is provided.

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