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How it Works!

Asynchronous College Education
So you can learn the way YOU learn best

Synchronous vs Asynchronous Learning


Traditional Classroom, Group Paced, and Lecture Based


On-Demand, Self-Paced, and Personal


Anytime, Anywhere ... so you can get your work done according to your schedule

As a Digital School student, you build the schedule that works for you. This flexibility allows you to balance your education along with your other commitments including family time and employment.

How it Works - On-Demand
How it Works - Self-Paced


So you can spend time in the areas that make sense

Jump ahead quickly when new concepts come easily, or dive deeper into the challenging subjects. Self-paced learning allows you to choose how quickly you move on to the next learning objective


So you can learn according to your strengths

Whether you're a visual learner or prefer a more hands-on education experience, we'll help you identify your learning style so that you can engage with the digital course content according to your strengths and preferences.

How it Works - Personal

With Subject Matter Expert Support

You aren’t left on your own to figure everything out.

All of our curriculum and student support comes from industry subject matter experts, including Autodesk certified professionals.

So when you get stuck on a project or have questions about a concept, you have real experts and instructors that you can connect with through email, live chat, and virtual one-on-one meetings with screenshare capabilities. And these experts aren't just an extra resource, they are your coaches, invested in your success. They'll help you set and accomplish your goals and cheer you on as you progress through your program. They'll also be there to support you with job placement assistance upon graduation!

Your Best Classroom Experience, Now Virtual

Virtual education is what we do best.

All Digital School course content is cloud-based and accessible via Global eTraining, an award winning provider of interactive online learning solutions for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing industries.

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Global eTraining GeT Interactive Video
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GeT Know-How inside your Autodesk Software

Global eTraining has also provided Digital School with an intuitive Autodesk software plugin that students can use to access their course content directly inside the Autodesk software they’re learning. This means that when you’re working through a course or completing a class project, you’ll have training at your fingertips. ‘GeT Know-How’ helps you learn the software quicker and get your work done more efficiently by providing you with real-time contextual training suggestions based on how you engage with the software!

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GeT Know-How Video
GeT Know-How Autodesk Plugin by Global eTraining

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