Get Rewarded for
Referring Your Friends

Digital School encourages you to refer your friends and family to our college

Get $250 when you refer a friend who starts a program at Digital School!

It’s really a win-win!

We greatly appreciate it when our current students and alumni tell their friends about the opportunity to train for a career they love in architecture or engineering. So when you refer a friend and they start a program with us, one of the ways we get to say thank you is by sending you $250.

Help a friend AND get rewarded! PLUS you can refer as many friends as you want!

Refer a Friend Today

How it Works

  1. To receive a student referral payment, the person you refer must enroll in and commence a Diploma Program or licensed Certificate Program.
  2. If a referred student enrolls in a Diploma or Certificate Program, the referring person is entitled to $250 cash.
  1. The Declaration of Referral is to be submitted at the time of enrollment.
  2. Reward payment cheques will be presented at our monthly Student Appreciation Days and former students’ cheques will be mailed.