As the world keeps turning, trends and technology constantly change—and architecture is no different. As an architectural technician, you’ll be essential in helping bring architectural concepts to life. Therefore, it’s important to stay on top of the latest architectural trends so you can tailor blueprints, 3D models, and more to what clients and architects want.

Whether it’s through modernizing homes for a more computerized world, making them more environmentally-friendly, or just a bit smaller, the architectural world is constantly moving forward. By understanding these three trends, you can help build a brighter future for yourself as an architectural technician.

1. More and More Homes Are Embracing Sustainability and Going Green

Environment concerns are having a significant impact on the architecture field. As a result, minimizing a building’s carbon footprint has become one of the top concerns for architectural firms in recent years. In fact, the Internet and architectural magazines are full of photos of beautiful, eco-friendly homes, and any architectural technician should keep an eye on how sustainability is affecting the industry.

There are many ways those in the architecture field have tried making homes more environmentally-friendly, such as by adding solar tiles to roofs, using recyclable materials, installing bathroom fixtures that use less water, and designing ventilation systems and air conditioning units in a more energy-efficient fashion. All of these help reduce energy consumption and have the added benefit of reducing utility bills.

2. Smaller Homes and Spaces Are Growing in Popularity, Too

When it comes to architecture in 2019, size doesn’t always matter. In fact, smaller spaces are growing in popularity in the industry. And with small spaces has come an increased appreciation for functional, minimalist design. Increasingly, homeowners who don’t have a wealth of space are looking for practical and multifunctional solutions.

Building smaller spaces and homes is one of a number of modern architectural trends
Building smaller spaces and homes is one of a number of modern architectural trends

Small homes are also related to the first point about sustainable design since they tend to have a smaller environmental footprint compared to large homes. You can likely expect to work on projects of various sizes after your architectural design technology training, some of which could be small and efficient homes.

3. Smart Homes Should Interest Any Architectural Technician

Smart home technology gives homeowners phenomenal control over various components of their household, such as the appliances, temperature, lighting, security, and so on. Increasingly, people can control these parts of their homes from anywhere in the world through their smartphones.

As smart technology becomes more integrated into households, it is likely to affect the overall design of homes. For example, because smart technology is largely wireless, outlets could become far more discreet. Likewise, architectural features, like doors and windows, will increasingly be controlled by smart technology. In your diploma in architectural design technologies you’ll learn about various software used by today’s architectural firms, which can help you model projects in 3D and see how smart technologies can be better incorporated into design.

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