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Engineering CAD programs teach students a number of highly specialized technical skills. Throughout your course, you’ll be exposed to complex mathematical and structural theories and principles, surveying and drawing concepts, and specific mechanical and technological subjects, as well undertaking training in a number of widely used CAD software programs.

However, the curriculum of a CAD diploma program also includes a number of more unexpected courses in areas like law, ethics, communication, and personal development. These courses provide students with practical and personal skills that are not only relevant to their future careers as CAD technicians but provide positive benefits in every area of their lives.

Read on to find out more about some of the more surprising things you’ll learn during your engineering CAD technician diploma.

1. Engineering CAD Programs Teach Technical Communication Skills

CAD technicians work as part of a larger team and have to communicate with various stakeholders on projects, including engineers, construction professionals, and managers, all of whom may have very different levels of technical training. As a result, it’s crucial students learn how to present technical information in a clear and understandable manner.

Technical communication helps students learn how to incorporate technical documents and visuals into everyday office communications such as memos, emails, and reports, and also includes an oral presentation, ensuring students in engineering cad technicians courses have the skills they need to communicate clearly in their future workplace.

2. Students in CAD Programs Learn About Engineering Contracts

In addition to studying technical communication, students will also have the chance to familiarize themselves with engineering contracts and documents, as well as their relationship with the Alberta legal system.

This important course also examines how technical specifications and drawings often form part of legal engineering agreements and the importance of preparing them correctly in order to limit potential contractual difficulties for your employer.

CAD courses teach students all about legal engineering documents

CAD courses teach students all about legal engineering documents

3. Learn Workplace Ethics in Engineering CAD Technician’s Courses

Another unexpected area you’ll explore during your engineering CAD technician’s diploma is workplace ethics. Through a combination of role-playing, case studies, and presentations, students explore the importance of behaving ethically in their professional lives, and the effect that their behaviour can have on team members and other co-workers. The course also specifically focuses on technological change within society, and how those changes impact workplace ethics.

4. An Engineering CAD Technician’s Diploma Includes Career Development Training

Colleges like Digital School understand that being fully trained in common software applications is only part of preparing for a successful career in the industry. That’s why we offer our ‘Thought Patterns for a Successful Career’ course, which aims to foster the personal skills students need to achieve professional success.

In this innovative course, students learn to develop a strong sense of self-discipline and self-esteem, working through written exercises, activities, and audiotapes that reinforce the course material and instill a sense of achievement and persistence in students. The course also addresses a number of common problems seen in adult students, including fear of success, managing personal challenges during your studies, and transitioning to a successful career after graduation, helping ensure that graduates are able to maximise their potential.

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