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Often, making a difference in the life of a friend or a loved one is easier than we might think. If someone you know could benefit from making a positive change in their career, referring them to Digital School may be a great way to get them motivated to start a new journey. At Digital School, our BIM Technician, Architectural Design Technology and Engineering Design Technology programs all have something to offer those who are eager to build the skills for a future-oriented career. As a Digital School student, participating in our referral program by inviting a friend to enroll comes with a number of advantages. Not only will you be helping another person achieve their goals, but you’ll also gain a friend to study with, while receiving financial rewards for your efforts. Below, discover more about the benefits of referring a friend, family member or loved one to Digital School by participating in our referral program.

Help Someone Make a Career Change

Switching careers or transitioning from one industry to another can be an intimidating prospect, but for many people, it could be the solution to their problems. If you know someone who is searching for a new career, whether due to a lack of advancement opportunities, insufficient earnings or general dissatisfaction in their field, referring them to Digital School’s online technical college could be the motivation they need to make a change. Enrolling in a Digital School program leads to a number of employment opportunities in technical design, with a year or less of training needed to gain a qualification. What’s more, helping another person to train for a new career is a highly rewarding experience, giving you a sense of goodwill. If you have a friend or a loved one who feels stuck in their current career path, referring them to a Digital School program could be a great solution.

Gain a Study Partner for Your Technical Design Courses

The material covered in technical design programs can be challenging, especially when it comes to navigating unfamiliar software programs. When you refer a friend to Digital School, you’ll benefit from having someone else to study with. As both of you work towards completing your program, you’ll be able to rely on each other for companionship during long study sessions, collaboration in problem-solving, and helpful feedback on projects and assignments. With a built-in study partner, your success as a student can only increase.

Referring a friend will grant you a study partner during technical design courses

Referring a friend will grant you a study partner during technical design courses

Reap the Financial Rewards

While there are many obvious benefits to referring a friend to Digital School, the financial aspect of our referral program will likely appeal to many online design college students. By participating in Digital School’s referral program, you can earn $250 for every friend that you refer who enrolls in a program. What’s more, you can refer an unlimited number of friends, maximizing the potential for profit from a referral. If you’re looking for a great way to reduce the financial burden of your program, or are simply looking for a way to save money while studying, inviting a friend to enroll in a Digital School program is a win-win. Not only will your friend benefit from discovering an opportunity to train for a new career, but the experience of helping someone achieve their goals will be rewarding for you as well.

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