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Those working in engineering design technology are uniquely suited to help protect our vulnerable populations against the coronavirus. These innovative individuals are educated in the creativity and problem-solving skills that enable them to help design a wide range of objects, from machines to factories, highways to commercial products. They work under the supervision of engineers to produce and analyze digital designs, and they can help equip our societies to tackle the special problems brought by COVID-19.

Read on to find out some ways that they’re helping to fight the pandemic.

Help Design Necessary Equipment Using Innovative Skills

The various manufacturing and healthcare industries needed to fight the coronavirus have been overloaded to the point of inefficiency by demand. The insufficient amount of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), ventilator systems, and respiratory equipment has been a central issue in national responses since the beginning of the pandemic. Fortunately, addressing this problem is something that many caring and dedicated professionals are focusing on.

Graduates of an engineering design technology program can assist in overcoming these difficulties with the visionary skills their education gives them. Engineering teams are currently developing and acting on quick and responsive solutions to these difficulties. Throughout the world, these workers have been helping to design new face masks, ventilators, intubation shields, and face shields that work around the global shortage of design materials. They do this while also focusing on low-cost designs that can be quickly built anywhere in the world.

Help Build Temporary Hospitals and Care Sites

There are many other ways that professionals with engineering design technology training can help engineers working on solutions to the challenges brought on by the pandemic, Engineers have been busy designing isolation wards and temporary hospitals to accommodate for the influx of healthcare patients due to the coronavirus. Speedily designing spaces where people can be treated while remaining isolated from others is no simple task but has prepared workers for unique challenges such as this.

For an example of some of these incredible innovations, designers working in the virus’ epicenter in Wuhan created plans for a hospital that was built by thousands of workers in just ten days. The huge building was designed from scratch to fit the terrain and climate and is made up of different zones to accommodate distancing and keep all patients safe.

Use Your Career in Engineering Design Technology to Help Adapt Spaces to the Virus

With a career in engineering design technology, you can help surpass barriers to many different challenges. One specific challenge the coronavirus brings to our societies is: how can we effectively treat the thousands of people who need care while ensuring that others aren’t infected by Covid-19 or other contagious diseases?

Engineering teams are working hard to create innovative solutions

Engineering teams are working hard to create innovative solutions

Engineering teams have been busy swiftly and creatively adapting society to social distancing guidelines. Sidewalks are being expanded to allow for increased personal space, hospitals are enlarged to accommodate contagious patients, and hotels are turned into places for individuals experiencing homelessness to socially isolate while living comfortably. These quick-thinking and ingenious innovations are just part of what professionals the world over are doing to help those most affected by the pandemic.

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