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Choosing to become an engineering design technician opens the pathway to a full range of remarkable careers, some of which can include robot design.  Engineering design technicians have the skills and knowledge to help engineers plan, model, and even prototype robotics designs, utilizing state-of-the-art software. With a little imagination and creativity, robot design teams can go on to create highly sophisticated and adaptable robots, from children’s toys to drones!

Do you want to learn more about how experience in engineering design can lead to a successful career in robotics? Read on!

Engineering Design Technicians Can Help Design Animatronics

For prospective students who love theme parks and films, using the experience you’ll get from engineering design technology courses could give you the skills to help create brilliant animatronics! You’ll never get bored helping design teams to come up with new concepts, as animatronics can vary from humans to animals and even dinosaurs.

One moment you could be using your engineering design experience to help provide mechanical part and assembly drawings for the skeletal structure of a lifelike roman soldier, and the next you could be assisting in planning and managing designs for a large multi-tentacle alien! Animatronics can also have cool features and special effects, like a massive dragon capable of blowing fire, for example.

Taking an engineering design technology program at Digital School includes learning how to use Autodesk Inventor software, which helps make designing more elaborate animatronics easier. Inventor allows engineering design technicians to model and test products of all varieties within a 3D digital environment. Design teams may then be able to configure and prototype their animatronics without having to build a physical model for the purposes of testing!

Grads with Engineering Training Can Help Teams Design Robots for Deep-Sea Exploration

Are you excited by the prospect of possibly designing robots for ocean-related scientific research? Becoming an engineering design technician could be your way of helping to create highly sophisticated robots that can then explore the very depths of the ocean. Working alongside a diverse team of professionals, you could design exploratory drones, like the Benthic Rover, a massive, car-sized robot that travels along the bottom of the ocean. These deep-sea exploratory robots can then gather new data on aquatic wildlife, aquatic organisms, and climate change. Getting engineering training may give you the chance to help design new robots of all kinds!

You Could Help Design Automated Industrial Robots for Manufacturing

Graduates with a career in engineering design technology can also work in the manufacturing industry, turning their skills over to designing automated industrial robots that can build a whole range of products, and even offer services such as welding and painting. Automated industrial robots are sophisticated and complex machines with multiple configurations, requiring a great deal of research and testing to ensure they perform their tasks as expected.

Engineering design technicians bring their training in technical and mechanical drawing, as well as their experience with cutting-edge software to bear on helping to design the exterior and some of the more intricate internal components of industrial robots. You can even use Inventor to simulate their responses when performing tasks and troubleshoot for any design flaws before the robot is built.

Does robot design make you want to become an engineering design technician?

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