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Today, almost all of the modern structures, machines, and processes used in our everyday lives were designed with the help of innovative software and technologies in the realm of technical design. The technical design field is growing, with many different career opportunities for those interested in entering the industry.  What’s more, by enrolling in an online training program at Digital School, training for a career in technical design doesn’t have to be inconvenient. Digital School offers online programs for those seeking to enter the Engineering Design Technology Field, the Process Piping field, the Architectural Design Technology field, and the BIM Technician industry. 

A leading institution in training for Building Information Modeling (BIM) and computer-aided design (CAD), Digital School can equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to enter your chosen career path. The moment when you enroll in online training, you’ll be allowed to learn in a flexible environment, setting the pace at which you complete your training. Below, discover four different technical design career paths that online training can lead to at Digital School.

1. Complete Your Technical Design Career in the Engineering Design Tech Field

At Digital School, one of the technical design programs that you can train for online is the Engineering Design Technology program. If you’re a great problem solver, and are always looking for ways to improve or enhance your creations, you could be a great fit for this career path. As an Engineering Design Technology professional, you’ll have the skills necessary to produce and analyze a variety of simulated, digital designs, working closely with both technologists and engineers. Throughout the course of the program, you’ll learn how to use different technical design software, apply computer-aided design skills, and produce and test designs with these technologies. 

With Digital School, you can train online to become an engineering design technology expert

With Digital School, you can train online to become an engineering design technology expert

2. Enter a Career as BIM Technician After Online Training

There’s no industry which captures the host of technological advancements in the technical design field better than the BIM industry. At Digital School, you can complete online training to become a Building Information Modeling technician in just six to twelve months. As a BIM Technician, your knowledge of BIM processes and platforms will enable you to work in a variety of environments, where your expertise will be used to help professionals produce and develop designs. As a BIM Technician, you may work in an architectural or engineering firm, a construction company, or even as a consultant!

3. Train Online to Become a Process Piping Specialist

If you’re interested in online technical design training, but aren’t sure which career path is right for you, you might be intrigued by the prospect of entering the process piping industry. As a process piping specialist, you’ll work within the oil and gas industry to create process plant equipment, including pipelines, pressure vessels, storage tanks, and other kinds of equipment. Your understanding of the BIM concept, coupled with your knowledge of relevant software and computer-aided design processes, will enable you to work with other engineering professionals, creating the structures and materials used to handle oil and gas.

4. Begin Your Journey with an Architectural Design Technology Program

If you’re always looking for ways to express your creative side, then a career in Architectural Design Technology might be right for you. With online training at Digital School, you can enter this technical design industry in just one year. After getting your Architectural Design Technology diploma, you’ll be able to help architects to carry out their designs, both commercial and residential, through the use of BIM and computer-aided design technologies. Your expertise will be crucial in helping professionals to identify issues and areas of improvement, ensuring a structurally sound design upon completion.

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