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If you’re considering becoming a BIM technician, you might be surprised to know the benefits of completing your training online rather than taking an in-person course. As experts in a range of BIM software, concepts and processes, BIM technicians work to create technical drawings of concepts and designs on BIM platforms. Working with professionals such as project managers, engineers, architects and designers, BIM technicians support the building lifecycle of a range of projects. Their skills enable them to use BIM technologies to produce intelligent simulations and designs which are then utilized during the construction process, resulting in greater efficiency and cost effectiveness. 

If you’re seeking a career in the BIM industry, you can become a certified BIM technician by completing an online training program at the Digital School. The moment when you discover the benefits of training online as a BIM technician, you’ll be ready to begin your journey to a rewarding and hands-on career in Building Information Modeling.

Students Have Many Online BIM Training Options

When completing their BIM training online, students aren’t bound to the traditional structure imposed by an in-person course. Thus, online training gives students a greater amount of flexibility when it comes to building the skills to become a certified BIM technician. At the Digital School, students benefit from flexible start dates, enabling them to start their transformative career journey at any point. What’s more, students have the ability to select the learning style that works for them, choosing between part-time learning, where they’ll complete the program in 12 months, or full-time learning, which allows them to complete the project in just six months. Whatever your scheduling needs or additional commitments may be, with online training, you can complete your BIM training at a pace that works for you. 

When taking BIM courses online, students can choose a training schedule that works for them

When taking BIM courses online, students can choose a training schedule that works for them

You’ll Have Access to the Resources You Need to Succeed in BIM Training

While students are enrolled in online BIM courses at the Digital School, they’ll still be able to access all the resources they need to succeed, even though they’re not on campus. When completing the BIM technician program online, students have access to support from industry experts who are available to support and guide them through their learning journey. Additionally, students benefit from access to free Autodesk and Microsoft Office 365 software for their personal devices. With this software, students can become comfortable applying the practices and procedures of BIM within the platforms they’ll use throughout their careers, enabling them to seamlessly transition into a BIM technician role after their training. What’s more, Digital School students have access to Global eTraining’s course library, allowing them to access additional training for AEC or Autodesk software.

Build the Skills to Become Industry Certified

When students train online for their BIM technician career, they’ll build all the skills necessary to become a certified BIM technician. Digital School is an Autodesk Training and Certification Center, meaning that graduates are eligible for Autodesk Certification. In addition, Digital School graduates can obtain a Level 1 Certification with the Canadian BIM Council. Equipped with these certifications, graduates can enter the BIM industry with confidence, as employers will be able to recognize that they have what it takes to succeed as a BIM technician. If you’re ready to train to become a BIM technician, consider launching your career with an online program at the Digital School.

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