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Edmonton, Alberta – Digital School Technical Design College is excited to announce the launch of two new limited-time, guaranteed ‘Quick Start’ scholarship opportunities for enrolling students.

The first of these scholarships is available to individuals enrolling in a 6-month program, namely, Digital School’s BIM Technician program. These students will automatically receive $1000 in funding if they enroll during the month of November.

The second ‘Quick Start’ scholarship is available to students enrolling in any of Digital School’s comprehensive 12-month programs, including the Architectural Design Technology, Engineering Design Technology, or Process Piping programs. Students enrolling in any of these programs will be eligible to receive $2000 in scholarship money.

The ‘Quick Start’ Scholarship program offers students guaranteed access to funding, and is automatically applied to any student’s tuition that enrolls and begins before December 1, 2022.

We are thrilled to be offering this ‘Quick Start’ Scholarship to new or returning students, creating an opportunity for more accessible education and success.

Susan Brattberg, Digital School CCO

Digital School believes that the introduction of these scholarships will enable both current and prospective students to further their career aspirations. Whether that means helping them purchase a new computer, or helping pay for their program, Digital School Technical Design College is excited to help budding AEC professionals get started in the industry, in whatever way they can.

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