In 1998, Roda Belisario Pasion graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology with a major in Drafting. Since then she has taken an inspiring journey filled with accomplishments. She has worked in her field as a Draftsman for fiber optics projects, started a family, and even went to culinary school in Italy before moving to Canada.

Recently, Roda decided to join the Digital School community and enroll in the Architecture Design Technology program. “This program enhances my passion,” she says, adding that it lets her “aim for success not only for myself [but] also for my family.” Learn more about Roda and her goals.

The Moment When Roda Found the Right Program

Roda is a mother of three children and she was working two restaurant jobs before starting her diploma.  Then she heard by word-of-mouth about a program that would be “the best in upgrading your career on designing.” The program Roda heard about—the one that would connect her previous education, work experience, and passion to her current career goals—was the Architectural Design Technology program at Digital School. The recommendation from friends of friends let Roda know this program was what she was looking for.

Roda has worked hard to be able to pursue her passion

Roda has worked hard to be able to pursue her passion

“I see my future self as an employee that has value and integrity,” Roda says, with specific interest in becoming an architectural technician or technologist. When asked if she would recommend this program to others she replied “definitely,” and went on to explain that with this program you will have “enhanced skills and knowledge that you can be proud of.” For many like Roda, a return to school means a boost not only in skills, but also in confidence.

Preparing for a Brighter Future

Something that is important to Roda is having the tools “to face the challenges in today’s workforce.” For some this may mean learning more about new BIM software in BIM technician training. For Roda, it means working on both her creative skills and applied skills at the same time. Specifically, Roda says she has excelled in her delivery of client proposals and in doing negotiations.

As graduation approaches, Roda is getting ready to work with professionals in her field. She notes that all that she has learned so far in the program will be beneficial “for seeking employment in the future”. Roda also told us she feels “knowledgeable and trustworthy in decision making, noticing issues, and figuring out the best ethical way to solve companies and co-worker’s problems or difficulties.”

From Childhood Curiosity to Architectural Design Technology Training

Roda’s path to architectural design technology training started with childhood curiosity and wonder. As a child growing up in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, she describes having a fascination with “buildings, cars, even simple household décor.” When she asked her older family members about how these things worked they said, “when you’re old enough, you will learn it in your own way.”

Roda suspects this was an adult’s easy answer to a child’s questions, but they were right! With hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm, she is doing things her own way. Roda has made an investment in her future and told us “I can see myself coaching, teaching, and owning a small team of professional designers and homebuilders.”

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