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Edmonton, Alberta – Digital School Technical Design College is excited to announce the addition of a new ‘Part-Time’ Diploma option. This new addition will allow students to complete any of Digital School’s diploma programs (as seen below) in the original full-time layout, lasting one year, or in the new part-time layout lasting 2 years.

All of Digital School’s programs – whether full time or part time – are considered ‘accelerated programs’, allowing students to learn the relevant skills, graduate faster, and begin their successful career in the AEC industry. This is accomplished through our innovative, online ‘Flipped Classroom’ approach, which includes both synchronous and asynchronous self-paced learning.

Our Diploma Programs:

*These diploma programs are in addition to our BIM Technician Certificate program which also offers a full time (six months) and part-time (one year) option.

The part-time option will take place over a course of 103 weeks and require 20 hours of work per week, allowing students to complete the full program in two years.

Digital School Technical Design College believes that the introduction of this new part-time option will allow students to enjoy a more flexible, personalized experience – enabling them to work, raise their families, and uphold their prior commitments while also working towards a successful career in the AEC industry.

“Digital School has been well known in Alberta for over 30 years for providing comprehensive, high quality, hands-on training at an accelerated pace to advance individual’s careers in one year or less.

Now, Digital School has answered our community's request to provide the same high quality, hands-on education in a capacity of which will allow our students to maintain employment and/or a busy family schedule, all while advancing in a career they are passionate about.

The AEC industry is booming and now is the time to foster your creative side along with your keen eye for technical analysis in a rewarding industry.”

Scott Parker, Director of Digital School Technical Design College

This new part-time option is officially available to all prospective students, in addition to our traditional year-long, full-time programs.

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About Digital School

Digital School Technical Design College is an innovative private vocational post-secondary college which prepares students for careers and career advancement in the AEC industry by teaching them how to use technology to design cities, buildings, machinery, transit systems, factories, and more!

Formerly the Alberta School of Drafting, Digital School is built upon over 25 years of design training experience and was founded with a goal to provide an educational environment unlike any other; to pioneer a more effective way of learning.