Are you thinking about what your future dream job looks like, and maybe want to take your career in a new direction? With Digital School, students can transform their careers and become certified building information modeling (BIM) technicians without even stepping out of their homes. The online program can be completed on a full-time schedule over 6 months or part-time over 12.

There are many advantages to online learning. Students can enjoy greater flexibility, save money and time on travel, and also take control of their learning and work at their own pace.

If you’re thinking about pursuing your passion with an online class but are unsure about learning outside of the classroom, read on to discover some of the benefits to online learning. Your journey to a brighter future could be all online!

1. Learn at Your Own Pace at BIM College

Whether you already have some experience with BIM software like Revit and AutoCAD or are completely new to all forms of technical drawing, at Digital School you can complete the online BIM technician certificate at a pace that suits you.

Traditionally the classroom sets the pace, which can be too slow or too fast for some. Online learning is perfect for students who want to speed ahead, as well as those who want to take their time getting to grips with the material.

2. Flipping the Classroom Means that Lessons Go Deeper

In a conventional classroom, students would attend the lesson and then complete the homework. However, in online classes at BIM college, students have the opportunity to learn independently online before interacting with a teacher. This means that students will have had hands-on experience with the software before the virtual class, and are more likely to enter the classroom with specific questions about how to get the most from different software and complete certain tasks and projects.

This ‘flipping the classroom’ method means that lessons can be more in-depth, as all of the students will have some familiarity with the material. In addition, it teaches students how to work independently and use their initiative, which can help them to succeed in the workplace.

Online learning ‘flips the classroom,’ so students try it out before the class

Online learning ‘flips the classroom,’ so students try it out before the class

3. Save Time and Money

The other great thing about starting your BIM technician career journey online is that you will save time and money. If you are learning online, all you need is a computer and a wifi connection! As well as this, you don’t need to spend extra money on food and travel when out of the house. You also don’t need to spend an hour each day traveling to and from school, which means that you can enjoy a better work/life balance.

After graduating from BIM college, you could go on to work in construction, engineering, architecture, and more! Digital School is on hand to help students take control of their future and find a career that suits them.

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