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The BIM process is all about ensuring that a design is as airtight as possible before construction begins, capitalizing on technological advancements in 3D imaging to create digital models that use data to reflect actual physical and functional attributes of the design. BIM workflow efficiency is made possible by facilitating the collaboration of AEC professionals on designs, with equal access to information. None of this would be possible without innovative software platforms that allow professionals to work together, sharing and integrating information to create intelligent structural models. 

Autodesk FormIt is one software that has become essential to BIM technicians in the conception stage of design, and with the recent launch of its latest version, FormIt 2021, the potential for what professionals can do just became a lot more exciting. Read on to see why Autodesk FormIt creates a brighter future for the BIM process.

FormIt Brings BIM Technician Careers to the Next Level

FormIt is a 3D modeling app that allows designers to use complex sketching tools to make smart, data-driven decisions earlier in the design process. This makes for a smoother BIM process later down the line, ensuring that there are no issues with the design conception. Graduates of a technical design program can use FormIt for multidisciplinary projects, sharing ideas with other designers and architects and creating early-stage designs. FormIt caters to the BIM workflow by allowing models to simply be moved to Autodesk Revit for completion. Additionally, the software was designed for use on tablets, desktops, and laptops, so designers can work on the go and start sketching on the platform whenever they have an idea.

FormIt has lots of innovative features to aid the BIM process

FormIt has lots of innovative features to aid the BIM process

FormIt Has Many Features to Offer

FormIt has many features that make 3D sketching more accurate and efficient. Through FormIt, designers can integrate Dynamo graphs, with FormIt 2021 now offering the option to launch several Dynamo instances at once. The integration of Dynamo facilitates easier sharing of information between collaborators, which is important in the beginning stages of design and development. 

FormIt also allows for integrated energy analysis via Insight, analyzing models to determine energy scores for efficiency optimization. Whatever their goal may be, designers can use FormIt to ensure that the design they are creating is meeting specific energy requirements.

In order to maximize the potential of 3D designs, BIM college graduates are able to use FormIt to access built-in samples in the Material Library, choosing from many high-quality digital options to create a design prototype that takes materials and textures into account. 

FormIt can also be used to view designs from all angles, with a location dialogue that enables designers to input and explores the exact setting of project locations. The situated project can be viewed from above or with a walkthrough feature. Designers can also use tool settings that integrate weather and time variables. 

Meeting the Need for Reliable Cloud Connected Technology

BIM relies on the ability to share information and updates between professionals so that information is transparent as possible, ensuring an efficient and accurate process. Autodesk FormIt makes sharing possible via cloud-hosted libraries that enable BIM 360 powered file-sharing. Any content from BIM 360 projects can be shared with all collaborators so that those with BIM technician careers can share developments with and learn from architects, engineers, and contractors to make the best possible design and ensure an airtight BIM process.