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We get asked all the time, “why should I choose Digital School?”

It’s an important question that we thought we’d ask our staff to answer first – our instructors, our student support staff, our management team; why do they show up to work every day?

Here’s what they said:

Brandon Heurter - Instructor

What makes Digital School unique is that we go above and beyond in our quest for student satisfaction and success with the implementation of our hybrid classroom environment. The reason I recommend Digital School is because I’m confident in our course delivery methods and our content which is always up to date and reflects the latest in industry standards.

Antonio Cuan - Instructor

The construction industry is changing, it’s evolving, so we don’t build anymore in the same way. In order to do that, you are going to be responsible to create 3D models and insert the information that will be used by all people in this industry.

Digital School and Global eTraining have been working together for more than 10 years, developing and delivering online content, so we have the expertise. In our programs, we are going to prepare you and train you to be inserted into the labour market.

Jessica Yacucha - Office Manager

I believe the combination of our asynchronous and synchronous learning makes us unique and stand out. It allows the students to learn the necessary skills and complete their programs around their work and family schedules. I would recommend Digital School Technical Design College to everyone looking to get into the drafting and design fields as the level of education you receive and the dedication from all of the staff is exceptional.

Scott Parker - Director

This is easy. We are passionate about what we do. At Digital School, we educate our students in the latest design technologies as they’re used in the industry today.

Digital School has been around for over 25 years. We know technology and we continue to build upon our knowledge, to serve our students as technology continues to evolve.

Susan Brattberg - Owner

I love that Digital School offers flexible and state-of-the-art training in an interactive format, supported by top-notch instructors. We support students according to their learning styles and around their schedule.

Digital School is unique as it’s the first private college in Canada to be licensed for online delivery and we’ve been doing blended learning, a combination of online training complimented with instructor-led training for over a decade. We’re thrilled to continue this model in a 100% online format to support students not only from Canada but from all around the world.

Jamie Newman - Marketing Manager

It has to be the flexibility – to think that you can have a completely personalized learning experience, access your course content when you want, engage with it how you want, and talk with expert instructors when you need it… it’s the best of both worlds: online education with instructor-led support.

And it’s not even about the education. Everything we do is designed to prepare our students for actual jobs that we help them find when they graduate – that’s the reason why.

Andre Harris - Creative Director

Everything that is around you was designed before it was made.  As a student, you learn to design things using professional Autodesk software such as AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, SketchUp, FormIt, 3D Studio Max, Civil 3D – they are your building blocks to your career. 

You learn about BIM, Building Information Modelling, and you learn about the principles and the techniques (and yes you have to learn the math as well). Students who come to Digital School are passionate about designing things and the best part – no prior experience is required – just your passion to design.