After BIM training, you’ll be closer than ever to start a bright and transformative future. Between graduation and a fulfilling career, the crucial step of an interview needs to be passed through. Companies are increasingly opting to conduct their interview online in lieu of a face-to-face meeting. During the current global pandemic, social distancing measures are making virtual interviews the norm rather than the exception.

Understanding how to be interviewed virtually takes preparation. We’ve compiled some tips to help you successfully complete an online interview and land your dream job.

Make Sure You Check the Details of the Online Interviews

It’s important to be sufficiently prepared for your interview. When your prospective employer informs you that the interview will be conducted online, make sure to ask for specifics. What program will you be using? Will the questions be live or pre-recorded? What time zone is the interviewing company operating out of?

It’s important you fully understand the software program the interviewer prefers to use, and have it pre-installed and tested beforehand. There are differences between Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, and other similar programs, and you should become used to their unique platforms ahead of time. This will help you feel prepared for your interview after graduating from your online BIM training program.

Make sure your router is operating well and that your internet connection is stable. You should use your computer rather than your phone for the interview, as phone connections are more prone to dropping or cutting out. Make sure your camera and microphone are both in good working order, and, if possible, use headphones instead of your laptop to improve your audio.

Make Sure to Stay Professional During Online Interviews

Because you’ll be doing the interview from the comfort of your own home, you might be tricked into considering it less formal. Though the formality politics of handshake types and which seat to take don’t apply, many of the rules of good conduct still do. Additionally, virtual interviews bring their own unique rules of conduct.

Make sure that you’re positioned in an environment that’s well-lit and professional. The background should be as neutral and unremarkable as possible. You should be wearing professional attire, and your clothing will work better if it consists of solid colours, as patterns tend not to look good over a video call. It will be best if you can sit in a relatively small chair, as a bigger, cushy chair that you’re sunk into might make you look less professional. Someone that’s taken the time to learn BIM will be expected to look professional, and you should dress for the part.

Interviewees should still treat online interviews as formal occasions

Interviewees should still treat online interviews as formal occasions

Body language might even be more important during a virtual interview. Because you’re not in the same room as your interviewer, the more subtle aspects of communication might be lost. Be sure to noticeably nod and smile while listening, to sit straight and attentive, and not to shift around. Sustaining eye contact will show that you’re attentive, so try and look at the webcam instead of at the person on the screen.

Guard Against Distractions

The downside to a virtual interview is that it might be harder to pay attention. Because the interviewer isn’t present in your physical space, it might take extra attention to stay focused on them and what they’re saying. Prepare the environment to limit distractions as much as possible. This means closing the windows and doors of the room, and ensuring you won’t be interrupted by pets, children, partners, or roommates.

It might be helpful to have a few basic notes nearby to help remind you of certain talking points, but you should do away with most objects that your attention may drift to. On your computer, make sure to close all unnecessary tabs and windows, and clean your desk area. Stow your phone away in silent mode. This will help you stay focused and help you land your dream job after BIM training.

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