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Under the supervision of an engineer, working in consulting as an engineering design technician would see you joining a team of professionals such as technologists and engineers, typically as part of a consulting company that is either publicly or privately-owned. You can find yourself helping to dream up the framework for a variety of different projects related to public and/or private infrastructure. In other words, you can transform your career by putting your knowledge and skills to the test on buildings, energy projects, factories, highways, and beyond!

Helping to design and develop products and infrastructure we use every day can be an exciting career responsibility to have, and there are signs that can let you know if it’s the right line of work for you. Here are some reasons why going back to school to prepare for such a career in engineering design technology could help you build a brighter future.

You’ll Play a Big Part in Helping a Consulting Firm Grow and Flourish

Although working in this career doesn’t mean you’ll be a consultant yourself, you can apply your skills in the engineering design technology field to help a consulting firm stand out among its peers. This is because you can use your knowledge of engineering design to assist with various aspects of infrastructure development, such as design or planning. While working at a consulting firm during your career in engineering design technology, you can help make everyday products and infrastructure safer, more user-friendly, and higher-quality. You may also find yourself using various types of design software, as well as applying your understanding of BIM (building information modeling) to different projects. Essentially, you’ll be on a team helping to bring engineering designs and concepts to life.

You can create detailed designs using the latest software programs

You can create detailed designs using the latest software programs

You Can Learn to Develop Your Business Acumen While On the Job

For any student hoping to work for a consulting firm after their hands-on engineering design technology training, it’s worth remembering that you are entering a profession that can help give you a greater knowledge of business than you may have expected. While you won’t be working as a consultant, a job at a consulting company—especially while seeing what consulting engineers do on the job—can teach you various other skills that would serve you well in a business and/or entrepreneurial context, such as asset management, investment, and how to give the best possible strategic advice.

You Can Utilize Skills You Learn in Engineering Design Technology Training

For anyone wanting to pursue this career, it’s important to first work toward completing a program in the field to gain the necessary expertise and experience to succeed at a consulting firm. While in a hands-on engineering design technology program such as the one offered at Digital School, you can find yourself learning about BIM, testing designs of many types of infrastructure, using various kinds of software for consulting projects (eg. Civil 3D or Revit), and more—all within just one year. Furthermore, your journey after completing your program could also open the door for other work opportunities, such as working for a construction/home building company, architectural office, or an engineering firm.

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