In the world of BIM, Autodesk Certification carries a lot of weight. As the publisher and operator of some of the most important BIM and computer-aided design software programs in the world, Autodesk is an established industry player. Its software programs are used by the vast majority of BIM professionals, making Autodesk Certification an especially important qualification to have in your professional toolkit.

Autodesk Authorized Training Centers such as Digital School help prepare students for writing Autodesk Certification exams and thus obtain this highly valued recognition. Want to learn a little more about why Autodesk Certification is so important? Here’s what you need to know.

Autodesk Certification Is Internationally Recognized Proof of Skill in BIM

Part of the appeal of BIM is in its ability to encourage and facilitate collaboration, including across great distances. As the discipline grows, there’s no reason why professionals and organizations located in Canada shouldn’t be able to lead or contribute to projects abroad without ever leaving home. This capability only holds value, though, if a client far away has confidence in the ability of an organization and its employees to complete work to a satisfactory level.

This is a major point in favour of obtaining Autodesk Certification. Recognized around the world, this certification is a respected marker of both technical and problem-solving ability with industry-standard software, held only by those select individuals with proper training. Whether your aspirations are at home or farther afield, you can trust Autodesk Certification to help open doors to great career opportunities.

BIM Courses Run by Autodesk Certified Instructors Offer a Quality Education

When searching for a school that can adequately prepare you for the Autodesk Certification exams, it’s a good idea to seek one that employs Autodesk Certified Instructors. For an instructor to become an Autodesk Certified Instructor, they must be able to demonstrate both an advanced knowledge of Autodesk applications and top skill in instructing others in their use. Individuals who hold this qualification are known for delivering a great educational experience in their BIM courses. It’s a designation that ensures the education that is delivered is of the highest quality so that students can graduate with all the skills they need to thrive in their careers.

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If You’re Seeking Top BIM Courses, Look for Autodesk Authorized Training Centers

To further demonstrate the high quality of their training programs, top institutions may even go so far as to become Autodesk Authorized Training Centers. These are often sought by students who want to complete top-level building information modeling courses and are known for offering environments that have quality facilities and base their training on practical, hands-on exercises.

Perhaps best of all, these schools are able to help students quickly get to a high level of skill working with Autodesk products. By completing half a year to one year of classes, depending on the program in question, students are able to graduate job-ready —just another special advantage that becomes possible when learning within an environment certified by Autodesk.

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