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In a world that thrives on technology, it is no surprise that paper is quickly being eliminated from our everyday lives and being replaced with tons of computer programs, software, and mobile applications. The integration of technology in the workplace has made it possible for businesses such as engineering and architectural firms to better organize, share and manage documents electronically.

Recent graduates of CAD colleges can appreciate the growing need for effective document management programs in the design industry, which make it easier to store, retrieve and manage files electronically -as well as share them across departments or around the world. There are a variety of document management programs that are tailored to engineering or design companies of all types and sizes. ┬áStudents enrolled in CAD training courses understand that successful teamwork is a huge part of the effective design – and that document management is essential in ensuring a smooth collaborative process. Take a look at why document management programs have become a growing necessity in the world of 21st-century design.

The Purpose of Document Management Programs

Document management systems provide a platform that facilitates the management of a wide range of content, including general documents, multimedia files, email correspondents, CAD drawing files and much more. By streamlining communication, editing, and sharing, document management programs make every aspect of a project accessible to the various professionals who have a hand in development – or clients who must approve changes along the way.

Advantages and Features

Document management programs offer a variety of features that will benefit anyone currently working in the design industry, or even taking CAD courses. Some of the features provided by these programs include:

  • Document and drawing management
  • Engineering document lifecycles
  • Reports and notifications
  • Workflow and task management
  • Transmittals
  • Viewing and redlining
  • Publishing and plotting
  • Loading and exporting

Content management programs offer many more features and advantages for organizing engineering or architectural design projects. They help solve any major challenges that can surface when trying to manage numerous design documents all at once, between multiple stakeholders in various locations.

Problem-solving at its Finest

Maintaining an organized workplace is especially important when working within the engineering industry. It is crucial to have easy access to documents and files when you need them in order to boost productivity and stay on budget. Here are some of the challenges that can be avoided through the use of a document management program:

  • Wasted time
  • Complicated server-based sharing
  • Difficulty finding documents
  • Trouble communicating with others working on the project

With efficient content management, these pitfalls can all be avoided – which in turn frees up valuable time for pursuing innovative ideas and new design projects.