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Advancements in educational technology have made virtual or online learning more powerful than ever before, creating new and exciting opportunities for proactive learners and career seekers. By gaining access to industry-focused training and expert instructors, students can begin developing skills that prepare them for career success. 

At our online technical school, the development of these skills is combined with access to career support—enabling our graduates to benefit from a high total job placement rate of 84%. This means that a significant majority of our students are able to successfully transition to a career in the technical design field after graduating. 

Their success comes from various factors—made possible through a tailored program that meets every student’s needs. Here’s a closer look at how our educational technology and a hands-on approach contribute to our graduates’ career success!

Accelerated Skill Development through Industry-Focused Training

Students at Digital School are able to accelerate their career development through intensive hands-on training focused on the technical design industry. The skills and insights that students gain enable them to become career-ready quickly. Depending on their program, students can earn their certificate or diploma in just six months to a year.

As a student at our online technical college, you have access to industry-standard tools and software. This includes everything from Microsoft Office 365 and Autodesk Software to a Global eTraining Subscription and the Global eTraining GeT Everything library. You also graduate with a CanBIM Level 1 certification and an Autodesk Training Completion certificate for every course you complete. In addition, you’ll be in a better position to take the Autodesk Professional Certification Exam, equipping you with industry credentials that set you apart from other candidates as you explore new career prospects.

Online technical design courses prepare you for career success, equipping you with the skills and credentials you need to become career ready

Online technical design courses prepare you for career success, equipping you with the skills and credentials you need to become career ready

Flexible and Blended Learning Format with Access to Additional Support

Educational technology has made it possible for students to discover the most effective method for their learning acquisition. By taking our technical design courses, you benefit from our “flip the classroom” and blended learning approach. Here, you’ll participate in an evaluation that identifies your learning style, which you can embrace throughout our self-paced and personal online programs.

Because it’s online, you can learn on-demand and contact subject matter experts for additional support when you need it. These experts would be available to help through email, live chat, and virtual one-on-one sessions—serving as experts and supportive coaches invested in your career success. Through our online teaching resources and approach, students become more confident and prepared to launch their future careers, leading to a high total job placement rate of 84%.

Professional Networking for Career Success

A big trend in educational technology involves integrating networking into the learning experience. By enrolling in our engineering programs online, you join a community of like-minded learners seeking career opportunities in the technical design industry. In addition to networking within your cohort, you gain access to a large Subject Matter Expert network of resource and course developers and expert instructors who can share valuable firsthand industry insights.

Students seeking help with transitioning or launching a new career can benefit from our wide range of career services, where we provide resume support, interview tips, access to networking events, and an extensive alumni network. As we embrace new technologies that allow us to do more for our students, we can continue promoting our students’ success—helping them succeed as they discover and thrive in exciting and new career opportunities. 

The future is Bright.