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If you’re looking for a successful and rewarding career in technical design, along with the proper certifications that go along with it, then taking online technical design classes at Digital School will help you achieve just that.

At Digital School, we offer aspiring technical design students hands-on training that will align with their future goals and aspirations. Our programs offer a fast-paced, immersive learning experience with real-time collaboration, as well as support from experienced industry instructors.

Read on to discover how you can shape a brighter future for yourself by taking one of our online technical design training programs!

The Benefits of Training at Our Online Technical Design College

When you decide to take technical design training at Digital School, you’ll get the benefits of a 24/7 flexible learning environment that’s seamlessly integrated with real-time support and with real-world projects. We offer three technical design programs that you can choose from. We offer the BIM Technician Certificate Program that makes you well versed in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and virtual design. We also offer the Architectural Design Technology Diploma Program and the Engineering Design Technology Diploma Program (which includes the option to specialize in Process Piping if you would like to do so). Upon taking one of these programs from our online technical design school, you’ll be kept up to speed with the latest technical and professional skills required and earn industry-recognized Autodesk credentials in just one year or less.

Get the Skills You Need To Impress Employers

Taking our BIM, Engineering Design, and/or Architectural Design courses opens the door for you to earn a certificate or diploma that’ll show employers you have the expertise they’re looking for. If you decide to earn our BIM Technician Certificate, for example, then you’ll graduate knowing how to use essential software programs like AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, and more. You’ll also have developed your skillset in areas such as technical mathematics, technical communications, and architectural drawings and details—all within the span of just six months of full-time study! Your certificate or diploma demonstrates to employers that you have the qualifications they are looking for in a new hire. They’ll see the Digital School name and know that they can trust that you have the knowledge and hands-on skills needed to succeed.

Earn Building Transformations (FormerlyCanBIM) Level 1 Certification

When you attend our Digital School in Edmonton and pursue one of our online technical design training programs, you’ll become eligible to take the certification exam for your Level 1 Building Transformations Certification (formerly CanBIM). Building Transformation Certification is a tiered peer-review program that provides you with qualifications that showcase to potential employers the knowledge and skills you’ve developed.

You’ll have the chance to take the certification exam for Level 1 Building Transformations Certification

You’ll have the chance to take the certification exam for Level 1 Building Transformations Certification

These skills and experience are relevant, valuable and transferable in the technical design industry when dealing with digital technologies, processes and workflows. By taking online technical design courses at Digital School, you’ll be on your way to shaping a bright future for yourself as you develop a strong foundation on which to build your career.

The future is Bright. Get Started Today.