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While the first thing that comes to mind when you think of school or learning could be a traditional in-person classroom, today, it’s widely acknowledged that the learning process is different for everyone. With different learning styles and different skill sets, every student learns at a different pace and requires different resources in order to succeed. 

Given the many variations in how we learn best, it’s important to have access to educational programs that support learners in creating an experience that’s most effective for them. If students aren’t learning in a way that works for them, they’re less likely to engage with the material.

At Digital School, this is the goal of our ‘Flip the Classroom‘ approach. Students complete their work at home while engaging in problem-solving and asking questions when class is in session. Students have access to course content through the cloud-based Global eTraining platform, an interactive and accessible solution that accommodates different learning styles by creating a personalized learning path. 

The moment when you begin learning at Digital School, you’ll be able to boost your engagement with the material, equipping you with the technical skills necessary to launch a career. Below, discover more about how blended learning boosts engagement.

At Online Technical Design School, Adopt a Learning Style that Works for You

At Digital School Technical Design College, students are able to learn based on the style that suits them best. When it comes to building challenging technical skills and navigating 21st-century software, access to a personalized style of learning is essential for success. 

With the Global eTraining system, technology is leveraged to optimize all types of learning, including visual, auditory, kinesthetic, reading/writing, or a combination of these methods. This creates a personalized experience for students that engages their interests and prevents them from passively moving through the material.

During online technical design school, you can adopt a learning style that’s right for you

Blended Learning Combines Entertainment With Education

‘Edutainment’ is a recent trend in education—and for good reason. Referring to the combination of education and entertainment, multiple different formats, materials, and mediums are utilized in edutainment learning. Edutainment boosts engagement by making learning similar to games or other forms of entertainment. With our blended learning approach, Digital School provides interactive learning methods, where students work with real-world projects using functionality such as eDemos and eText as part of the Global eTraining system. By making learning more entertaining and hands-on, students play an active role that boosts their retention of knowledge and learning efficiency.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Another engagement-enhancing feature of online technical design school is the chance to learn at your own pace. Instead of being forced to learn in structured blocks, students are able to learn on-demand, accessing the course material at times that work for them. Additionally, self-paced learning enables students to spend more time on challenging subjects, while moving more quickly through concepts they understand. This flexibility keeps students engaged with the material, avoiding the boredom or frustration that may accompany a traditional classroom approach.

Ask Questions and Engage in Live Problem Solving During Class Time

As a focal point of the Flip the Classroom approach, Digital School students are able to engage with the material remotely, completing readings and interactive assignments on their own time. Instead of being taken up by lectures, classroom time is reserved for working with instructors and other students, engaging in real-time problem solving, and asking questions that come up. This hands-on format makes class time far more valuable, allowing students to work together to apply what they’ve learned. If you’re ready for a more engaging learning experience, Digital School Edmonton’s blended learning approach will help you to build technical design skills quickly and effectively.

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