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One of the most important investments in your career that you can make is upskilling, and at Digital School, it’s never been a better time to start. Upskilling – education that improves one’s knowledge and skills to align with current industry standards – is essential for professionals in the technical design industry. With continuous advancements in technology, changing software platforms, and new innovations, those in technical design careers must be able to adapt in order to keep up in their area of expertise.

If you currently hold a certificate from the BIM Technician Program at Digital School, now is a great time to reinvest in your education and earn a diploma in Engineering or Architectural Design Technology. Not only will you improve your employability, but with the introduction of the QuickStart Subsidy program, you can receive a stipend toward your education-related expenses. Below, learn more about the benefits of upskilling with a Digital School diploma.

Upgrading to a Diploma Is Easier than Ever

With the new Quick Start Subsidy, upgrading your BIM Technician Certificate to a diploma at Digital School just became more affordable. This limited-time offer allows learners who begin their program within the next two months to automatically qualify to receive a subsidy of $1000. With the purpose of alleviating education-related expenses, this subsidy can be used however learners choose, from rent to technology or another expense. 

If you’ve previously earned a BIM Technician Certificate, it’s also never been quicker to upgrade to a diploma. Those who possess a certificate automatically receive the credits to cover the first half of their diploma program, cutting the amount of time it will take to complete the program in half. With the convenience and affordability that comes with earning a diploma at Digital School, now is the perfect time to upskill.

The QuickStart Subsidy makes upgrading to a diploma at Digital School more affordable

The QuickStart Subsidy makes upgrading to a diploma at Digital School more affordable

Learn While You Earn With New Part-Time Programs

Even if upgrading to a diploma sounds like a great move for your career, you might feel restricted by the time commitment required to complete the program. Balancing your professional and personal commitments with your studies can sound daunting, however, with the introduction of Digital School’s new part-time programs and the ability to complete design school online, it’s never been easier to customize your schedule to suit your needs. Digital School’s flipped classroom model allows learners to receive hands-on support from instructors, all while completing their program virtually. With this flexible program format, you’ll be able to learn while you earn, upgrading your skills without making sacrifices in your professional life.

Upskilling Is Essential for Career Success

Now that you know how convenient and affordable it is to upgrade your skills, it’s important to understand the importance of upskilling. Within the realm of technical design, professionals must be prepared to upgrade their skills and knowledge regularly. Changes in trends, technology, software programs, and workflows can be hard to keep up with, but those who fall behind won’t be able to remain competitive in the fields of engineering or architectural design. 

Employers in these fields are constantly seeking candidates with up-to-date knowledge, and by upskilling with industry-relevant technical design courses at Digital School, you can enhance your marketability. Upskilling increases your value at any organization, improving your chances of receiving a promotion or of landing a higher position at a new company. When you upgrade to a diploma in Engineering Design Technology or Architectural Design Technology, you’ll be making a career investment that pays off in the long run. 

The future is Bright.