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Modern mobile and computer applications can be great tools for productivity and organization, and students in CAD colleges might want to consider integrating some of them into their own routines. Good applications can help store information about assignments, provide reminders for time-sensitive events, and perform other useful functions. If you want to get better organized, there may be an app that can help.

Want a few suggestions for apps you can use? Here are a few popular applications that students in CAD programs may want to try.

1. To Keep a Running Tab on Things You Need to Get Done, Use Wunderlist

To help make sure you never forget about your assignments, consider using a to-do list management app. There are many to choose from, but for ease of use and useful features (at no cost), Wunderlist is a great choice.

With Wunderlist, you can create many different lists. For example, you could use the app to create a study schedule or a list of class assignments, and fill those lists with relevant tasks you want to accomplish. You can get the app to send you email or smartphone notifications when you want to be reminded to get something done and access your account from web browsers, Windows & Mac, and Android & iOS. These features all simplify getting and staying organized and can be an excellent tool for students in technical design programs looking to make the most of their studies.

2. Evernote Is Great for Advanced Note-Taking in Technical Design Programs

Taking notes can improve your ability to retain information, and also allows you to create a reference point to look back on when studying. Standard notebooks, however, can be easily lost, and aren’t always easy to look through for specific information.

For a great digital note-taking application, consider using Evernote. The app will let you create notes and save them to digital notebooks. You can then tag notes with specific words and search within the application for all notes that have that tag. This makes it easy to look for notes that are kept in different notebooks (for example, you may have one for homework and one for study notes), but that is about a similar topic, such as building information modeling.

Evernote includes many other useful features, and is available on the web, for Windows & Max, and on Android & iOS. If you want your class notes to be searchable on many different devices, it may be worth trying out.

Evernote can help you manage electronic notes effectively

Evernote can help you manage electronic notes effectively

3. Use SimpleMind for Effective Brainstorming in Technical Design Programs

When doing creative work at CAD colleges, students can benefit from the occasional mind mapping session. Mind mapping is a process that involves creating a diagram where ideas are written out in clusters, and linked by branches. This is particularly useful for gathering thoughts on projects that have many different components to them.

For example, if you were designing an office building, you might put “office building” in the centre of the map. You could create a branch from that original idea to form a cluster of ideas relating to materials, another branch about design elements, and more. It’s a good way to organize your thoughts at the beginning of a project and can give you something useful to refer back to when working on it.

SimpleMind is available for Windows & Mac and Android & iOS, so like the apps above, it allows for easy access to your data wherever you go. If you want a useful, portable solution for getting your thoughts in order by making a mind map, it’s a good application to use.

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