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Thanks to computer-assisted design programs, it is easier and faster than ever to create useful plans and models. This has proved to be a boon for businesses looking to complete work more efficiently and has also made it easier for innovators to deliver solutions to longstanding social problems in need of fixing.

There are many charities that do and can use CAD programs to achieve their ambitions for improving the world, and we’ve highlighted three here. If you’re a student in CAD training and like the idea of working for the public good, consider taking inspiration from one of these charities.

1. Use CAD Online Training to Help Vulnerable People Like the MASS Design Group Does

According to the MASS design group, the country of Malawi has a high rate of maternal and neonatal mortality. In part, this is because of limited access to professionals who can help ensure safe delivery, or who can intervene if there is an emergency. MASS’s solution: build community housing near hospitals, and invite expecting mothers to live there in the days leading up to their due date.

CAD programs were used to help design the units that went into the compound, and according to the MASS website, the modules are easily replicable for use in other places in the world.

With the knowledge developed in their CAD courses, aspiring professionals could be capable of working on similar projects, or help tweak existing designs for local needs. This project is proof that a good idea and a little CAD know-how can help save lives.

2. CAD Programs Have Also Been Used to Improve Access to Potable Water

Access to water remains elusive to many people in the world. Fortunately, graduates of an online CAD course could become part of a solution to this problem.

For example, an organization called “Water for People” has used CAD technology to help design solutions meant to deliver safe water to communities that need it. Rather than simply installing smaller fixes, like wells or pumps, the group hopes to transform communities by designing infrastructure that can continually catch rainwater and then deliver that water to people over the long term—in addition to several other initiatives. So far, the program is working to help four million people.

Graduates of CAD programs can help create sustainable clean water systems

Graduates of CAD programs can help create sustainable clean water systems

Whether they are experts in engineering or architecture, graduates of CAD programs can use the design, modeling, and mathematical skills learned in their classes to contribute to this kind of project. They could design the kinds of parts and structures that would allow a program like Water for People to find success.

3. Like Proximity Designs, Grads of Online CAD Courses Can Help Create Affordable Machinery

In addition to large-scale installations like those mentioned above, professionals with CAD online training can put their skills to work making smaller products meant for individuals or communities.

As an example, a group called “Proximity Designs” has used CAD software to help develop innovative machinery and tools for struggling farmers in Myanmar. Their inexpensive products include a line of water pumps, a gravity-fed irrigation system, and water tanks. All cost under $53 and help reduce active farming time while simultaneously increasing crop yield.

For graduates with CAD training, initiatives like these present the possibility of earning money as a CAD professional while also improving the lives of others. If this sounds appealing to you, consider taking your technical mathematics, drawing techniques, and knowledge of construction materials to an organization like Proximity Designs after graduation.

With opportunities to design unique buildings, infrastructure, and tools through CAD programs, graduates of CAD training can put their skills to work for companies looking to make a difference.

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