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Thinking about pursuing a career as an architectural technician after moving to Canada? Reading about others who have been in your shoes and have overcome obstacles in order to pursue their dream careers is a great source of inspiration. Digital School alumna Behnaz Fathi is a case in point. She had prior education and experience in Iran, but encountered difficulty finding a job in her field in Canada.

With Digital School’s Architectural Design Technology program she was able to get the requirements she needed to quickly jump back into a career she loves. With the ability to get prepared within a short time, Behnaz received a job offer within a week of graduation. She started immediately and is now enjoying a career she is passionate about. Read on for more about Behnaz and her journey!

Behnaz’s Journey to Architectural Design Technology Training

Behnaz received her Bachelor of Architecture degree in Architectural Technology in 2012 while living in Iran. After working in Iran as an architect for four years, she immigrated to Canada in 2016 to explore new opportunities. She enrolled in English classes to increase her fluency and proficiency and worked part-time to further improve her English skills.

Behnaz, however, soon encountered a problem that many newcomers to Canada come up against when trying to land a career. “I tried my chance to find a job here as an intermediate level applicant,” she says, “based on my home country work experience and degree, but I found out those are not adequate to work here.”

Undeterred, she began looking for a program that would help transform her extensive knowledge into career opportunities in Canada. She learned about the one year program at Digital School and went on to earn her diploma in architectural design technologies in May 2018.

How a Diploma in Architectural Design Technologies Preps You for a Career

In addition to the courses and certificates that are required to find work, Behnaz also found that the program supported her in her journey to pursue her passion. Not only did she earn a diploma through her architectural design technology training, she also received assistance with her job hunt.

“Digital School prepares students with all necessary skills from A to Z in order to pursue their careers,” she says, “This preparation includes but is not limited to resume writing, cover letter preparation, how to present your skills and portfolio, and required courses.”

Behnaz goes on to say, “I would strongly recommend this program to other students, because for me as an immigrant, it was pretty helpful in order to upgrade my knowledge and prepare myself to start working in this field.”

How Digital School Helps New Canadians Break into the Workforce

If you are new to Canada, you may connect to Behnaz’s story. She had a brief period of time without work in her field, so updating her credentials was essential. Combined with her previous experience and her university degree from Iran, she was able to hit the ground running in her career once she had her diploma.

Now, as an architectural technician, Behnaz uses her training in architectural drawings, land use, BIM, project data, and building science—all of which she learned about at Digital School—to succeed at what she does. Within a week of finishing her program, she received a job offer from a reputable company and accepted the position. She is now pursuing her passion in Canada in part thanks to the support she received at Digital School.

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