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Digital School takes pride in helping its students pursue a brighter future. One recent student who has a clear idea of what that future looks like is Ronnie Cantil. A welder and metal fabricator from the Philippines, Ronnie came to Digital School to help him upgrade his skills and pursue his dream of becoming a business owner.

Ronnie’s journey is an example of how combining your passions with Digital School’s blended learning approach can help you pursue your dreams. Check out Ronnie’s story below.

A Background as a Welder in the Philippines Prepared Ronnie for Digital School

Ronnie’s journey to Digital School’s CAD diploma began in the Philippines. There he worked as a welder and fabricator where he repaired numerous types of vehicles, including buses, jeepneys, cars, and trucks. His work as a welder gave him plenty of hands-on and practical experience, and he became highly proficient in his career. As he says, his team worked on almost “anything that could be joined by welding.”

Eventually, Ronnie moved to Canada and decided to enter Digital School’s CAD program, now called the BIM Technician Certificate program.

Ronnie Chose Digital School’s CAD Courses to Help Him Achieve His Dreams

With his skills as a welder and fabricator, Ronnie decided that the best way to take his career to the next level and achieve an even brighter future was by upgrading his skills. “My ultimate goal,” he says, “is to have my own automation/fabrication company.”

Digital School’s CAD courses turned out to be the perfect fit for Ronnie’s entrepreneurial ambitions. “I chose the CAD Program,” he says, “because I always wanted to design a project from scratch.” By enrolling in the program, Ronnie was able to learn various AutoCAD skills, including AutoCAD 2D and 3D Essentials, AutoCAD Inventor Essentials, and AutoCAD Civil 3D Essentials.

These skills helped Ronnie build momentum on his journey while still allowing him to utilize the skills he learned in his career. As he says, “I am a metal fabricator and CAD is one step closer to computer aided manufacturing.” With Digital School, Ronnie built on his passion for metal work in order to acquire new skills that can help him get closer to being a business owner.

Access to the Online Course Library Was a Highlight of Ronnie’s Experience

Clearly, Ronnie has ambitions both as a metal fabricator and an entrepreneur. It’s no surprise, therefore, that when asked about his favourite experience at Digital School he mentions the GeT Everything Library, which is a fundamental component of our in-class and CAD online courses. The GeT Everything Library is a collection of online courses that students have complete access to.

What Ronnie loved about the GeT Everything Library is how it allowed him to learn skills beyond the course curriculum he was enrolled in. For example, students can choose to learn about Autodesk Fabrication CAD MEP, Revit MEP, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Office, and much more online in their own time, regardless of whether or not the courses are a part of their curriculum. It’s an excellent resource for students to pursue their passion and tailor their education to their needs and talents. As Ronnie says, “You have the option to learn as much as you want.”

Ready for a brighter future?

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