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It seems like Podcasts are everywhere these days. The episodic audio programs have risen in popularity recently, as increasingly individualistic consumers have discovered the sheer variety of content on offer. From smash-hit murder mysteries like Serial to celebrity talk shows, there seems to be a show for everyone, even computer-aided design (CAD) students.

As CAD constantly changes and evolves, a number of intrepid industry professionals have begun to use podcasts as a medium to discuss new innovations, offer career advice, or simply talk about their CAD experiences. For those pursuing CAD careers, these shows can be a valuable source of new information and learning. Not only that, but podcasts can be listened to any time, such as during morning commutes, or even while working on projects, making them an extremely convenient way for busy students to increase their knowledge.

What shows should you check out? Read on to find out some of the best CAD podcasts currently on the airwaves.

Autodesk AEC Podcast: For All the Latest Innovations in AutoCAD Training

Autodesk’s software programs, such as AutoCAD and Inventor, have long been established as the industry standard for CAD professionals. These complex programs contain a myriad of shortcuts and functions which can take years to learn, and are constantly being updated with new features.

So there’s no doubt that many AutoCAD training students will be pleased to hear that the publisher launched its very own podcast last year, where executives, customers, and industry experts share tips about AutoCAD features, and discuss industry news and events. The show provides an invaluable source of knowledge about the tools students use every day, straight from their creators.

Autodesk’s podcast can be a great source of information about new software updates

Autodesk’s podcast can be a great source of information about new software updates

Beyond CAD: Discussing the Future of CAD Training

Another great forum for engineering news, Beyond CAD is hosted by Civil FX founder Sam Lyttle, who uses the platform to discuss new software and developments in the industry, while also sharing the story of his own career. Lyttle’s show is full useful tips, and his insights into the design process are invaluable for anyone considering CAD online training, already enrolled on a course, or beginning their career.

The Engineering Commons Podcast: Great Tips for AutoCAD Training 

Hosted by four engineers from different fields—civil, mechanical, electrical, and applications—The Engineering Commons Podcast has been on the air for almost four years now and covers a fascinating variety of topics. The hosts discuss the latest industry news and even interview guests from various sectors.

They also occasionally take questions from the show’s listeners on Reddit and are particularly good with career advice, often devoting large parts of their show to issues faced by young professionals in the industry.

The Engineering Commons Podcast is great for giving young professionals career advice

The Engineering Commons Podcast is great for giving young professionals career advice

The podcast’s tone is light and informal and provides a great mix of technical subjects with lighter fare, such as engineering inaccuracies in TV shows and movies, and reminiscing about older, failed technologies.

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