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Modern computing isn’t just about what a single computer can do. Rather, it’s about what many hundreds or thousands of remote computers can do to speed up processing, store data, and make people’s computers more productive without requiring massive upgrades. This distributed computing is known colloquially as “cloud” computing.

Cloud computing can be incredibly valuable for students and professionals working in computer-aided design, offering new tools for people to take advantage of when completing their work. AutoCAD, in particular, offers some valuable cloud services you might want to take a look at.

Here are a few examples of ways AutoCAD’s cloud can be useful to you.

Take Work for Your Online CAD Courses Anywhere You Want With AC360

One of the biggest conveniences of cloud storage is that it can allow you to store data in a far-off place, and then access that data on your own device anywhere you have internet access. This feature is included in AC360, a cloud platform that integrates with AutoCAD, and can make it a breeze to view and edit the projects you are working on in your online CAD courses.

Not only can you access the files themselves, but you can open them and view or manipulate the 2D and 3D designs you created in AutoCAD. You can even access files created in a number of other programs, including AutoDesk’s Revit and Inventor applications. If you want to work on your assignments in multiple different places, or to access them across various devices, the cloud storage and access features of AutoCAD’s cloud will be a great help to you.

Use the cloud to access your work on many devices, anywhere you are

Use the cloud to access your work on many devices, anywhere you are

AC360 Also Makes it Easy to Analyze Project Data & Relationships

Projects that you create with computer-aided design applications often incorporate many different parts or components—things like ball bearings, walls, and more. These might interact with several other components, and might also be found in some of the other similar projects you have created.

It can be difficult to keep track of all the parts, and all of the associations those parts have with other parts, across the projects you make with computer-aided design applications, but AC360 simplifies the process. One of the features included within the app is an option to look at many of these kinds of associations across the work you have done, allowing you to quickly and easily search through, and gain insight into, the work you have produced. If you’re the kind of person who loves data and wants to be able to do a deep analysis of the work you do for your CAD training online, you will enjoy this aspect of the cloud services.

Share & Collaborate on Work After Your Online CAD Courses Through the Cloud

The cloud functionality available for CAD programs like AutoCAD and Revit makes it easy to share access to your projects with other people, and even to collaborate on those projects at the same time. Whether you want to give someone else access to your work just so that they can see it, or you want to collaborate with them on a model in real time, the AC360’s cloud features make it easy to accomplish your goal.

Throughout your future career, as digital modeling continues to evolve and penetrate the overall industry, expect to see these kinds of remote features take on greater prominence. It’s conceivable that you could someday work with a team of architects, builders, and fellow designers located all over the world, all collaborating virtually on cloud-based software.

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